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I'm a generalist. I have a lot of diverse interests, and this site serves to collect them all in one place.

I am:

  • A Software Engineering Manager and technical lead. I have developed and led projects in Enterprise Software, eCommerce, Growth Engineering, User Experience as a Service, and Business Intelligence.
  • A Certified ScrumMaster®.
  • A UX designer. My strengths are in customer research, competitive analysis, and UX.
  • A stock photographer. I'm a self-taught analog and digital photographer.
  • A photographer.
  • An artist.
  • An electronic musician. I also play piano and guitar.
  • I really enjoy writing.
  • I really enjoy writing.
  • A Yoga Alliance yoga teacher.
  • An aerialist. My focus is on aerial hoop or lyra.

I'm available to:

  • Showcase my work as a photographer and artist.
  • Collaborate with designers, developers, photographers, amateur models, and artists of any medium.
  • Give and receive constructive criticism, feedback, and mentorship.
  • Coach and consult on management, technical recruitment, and technical interviewing.

UX, product, visual, + interaction design

Portfolio @ Behance


I'm primarily an abstract expressionist. I enjoy using acrylics, sumi ink, and figure/life drawing.

Check out my portfolio and DeviantArt profile.


I shoot primarily street photography, macro, nature, and food.

Check out my portfolio and DeviantArt profile.

In 2014, I self-published a photobook called Wien in Lomo.



travel blogs


Cantonese > English Lyric Translation


I can code in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Java, Ruby, and Python. I have a strong foundation in object-oriented programming

See my code on GitHub.





contact + socials

Message me for sales, collaboration, commissions, critique, etc.

Instagram: @neuroplasticcreative