neuroplastic creative:

  • software developer | User Experience as a Service, Business Intelligence
  • self-taught analog photographer
  • abstract expressionist | art appreciator
  • yoga teacher
  • read War and Peace for fun
  • in-demand carrot cake baker and fervent dream recaller

Based in Dublin, Ireland.

I am looking for opportunities to:

  • Showcase my work as a photographer and artist
  • Collaborate with fellow developers, photographers, amateur models, and artists of any medium
  • Get constructive criticism, feedback, and mentorship in any kind of arrangement and frequency

Check out my portfolio. I shoot primarily on film and paint with acrylic on canvas.

Interested in sales, collaboration, commissions, critique, etc.? Let's talk.


travel blogs tech Cantonese > English lyric translation




Message me for sales, collaboration, commissions, critique, etc.